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Four UK mental health charities working together to improve the lives of people with mental illness.

Here’s what we’ve achieved at a glance last year:

  • We launched Mental Health & Money Advice - the only UK-wide advice service dedicated to supporting 4 million people in the UK with mental health and money problems. Since launching last November our website has been visited by 70,000 people, 83% of whom found the information helpful. Our advice line has supported over 700 people who are on average £750 better off per caller as a result.
  • In Wales, Hafal directly supported 5000 people with mental illness and 1000 carers over the year across 70+ services. Hafal partner with local services such as ‘Cyfle Cymru’ which supported over 3000 people who were out of work and suffer with mental health or substance misuse to find employment.
  • In Northern Ireland, MindWise supported 6000 adults living with a mental illness including 3,500 through the criminal justice systems, 125 linked in project for young people and 1370 through advocacy services.
  • In Scotland, Support in Mind Scotland provided over 50,000 hours of support to individuals and ran 17 services to support 1300 people with mental illness.
  • In England, Rethink Mental Illness is the largest voluntary sector provider of mental health services with over 200 services and 150 support groups. From psychological therapies and Crisis and Recovery Houses to peer support groups and housing services, Rethink Mental Illness directly help thousands of people every year across England.

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Individually we are mental health experts in our respective nations. Together we are greater than the sum of our parts to influence change across the UK.

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