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Support In Mind Scotland

By raising funds in Scotland, you’ll help Support In Mind Scotland grow its 21 projects to help people with mental health issues, and provide specialist support to mental health carers. Read More



By raising funds in Northern Ireland, you’ll help MindWise to extend the support it currently offers every day to 600 people who have severe and enduring mental health difficulties. Read More



By raising funds in Wales, you’ll enable Hafal to help more people with a serious mental illness and their carers with information, services and support throughout all 22 counties in Wales. Read More


Rethink Mental Illness

By raising funds in England, you’ll help Rethink Mental Illness to reach more people via its national helpline, and via its 130 one-to-one support groups. Read more

Mental illness affects more people every year than cancer or heart disease. One in four of us in the UK will be affected by a mental health problem in any given year. Severe mental illness can affect anyone, although it often emerges during adolescence or in your early 20s.

Living with a mental health condition can affect many aspects of your daily life, from your physical health to your home, your work and managing money. The impact of poor mental health can be reduced if you benefit from early intervention and support. But it's still the case that you're more likely to receive the urgent support you need if you have broken your leg than if you experience a crisis because of a mental health problem.

Every year, half a million people in England alone receive treatment for severe mental illness such as bipolar, psychosis and schizophrenia. Three million more receive treatment for depression. Many more will be coping with symptoms like these without a diagnosis or treatment.

Recent statistics suggest that only a quarter of people who are affected by depression and anxiety are receiving support, and more than a third of people experiencing psychosis are missing out on treatment.

We know there are many more people all over the UK who need our help. We want to bring hope of a better quality of life to everyone affected by severe mental illness. By supporting Mental Health UK, you will help provide vital information, advice, and support to people affected by mental illness, and to their families and carers.