Mental Health UK

Mental Health UK is growing!

More than ever before conversation about mental health in the workplace is growing. And it’s not just about the stark statistics of the costs to employers of both absenteeism and presenteeism which cost employers over £30bn a year. With one in four experiencing poor mental health every year it’s about everyone staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Mental Health UK is fortunate to be working with a fantastic range of large UK-wide organisations and household names who are looking to tackle the challenge head on and as such, we are looking to expand our network of associates and partners. We are looking for HR professionals who can grow our consultancy network in the following areas including:

  • Appraising approaches to staff and/or customer mental health and wellbeing
  • Developing recommendations in line with employers toolkits, Wellbeing in the City and the Workplace Wellbeing Charter
  • Presenting strategy, policy and procedure recommendations
  • Preparing policies and procedures for adoption

Mental Health UK is a charity that brings together the expertise of four national mental health charities, specialising in improving the lives for people affected by mental illness. In the past 12 months we and our founding charities have partnered with Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Mail, Pizza Hut, Virgin Trains to name only a few organisations passionate about making a difference. We believe it's our 40 years' experience supporting those with poor mental health through our services and campaigns that has helped us form these partnerships and is the unique expertise we can offer to corporates.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a number of passionate individuals who are experienced in the practical application of mental health and wellbeing good practise in the workplace, either for staff or customers to work with us on a freelance basis. Across the portfolio we are looking for the skills and experience outlined below. We are not expecting any one to meet all the criteria, in fact we are looking for specialists in each area whom can combine their knowledge and understanding with others to give the best solution to the organisations we partner with.

Knowledge of:

  • The equality act (DDA in NI) and how it relates to mental health
  • Mental health conditions and how they manifest themselves (including side effects of medication), particularly in the workplace
  • Mental health discrimination in the workplace (including recruitment, performance management, sickness absence) and the sector (what may constitute discriminatory practice for both employees and customers)
  • Carers rights
  • A range of sickness absence and management processes, and how to implement different approaches
  • Performance management processes
  • Different EAP/OH providers

Experience of:

  • Consulting – particularly with corporate organisations
  • Conducting Stress Risk Assessments and putting in place mitigation
  • Drafting strategies, policies and procedures
  • Introducing and implementing change within large organisations
  • Achieving Workplace Wellbeing Charter accreditation (or similar)
  • Implementing (and ideally assessing the effectiveness of) wellbeing initiatives
  • Implementing EAP/OH within an organisation

We hope to meet with prospective individuals in October for an informal meet and greet and knowledge sharing session. If you'd be interested in attending please send us your CV or biog with a short statement outlining your expertise in this area to by Friday 5 October.