Mental Health UK

Our new Mental Health and Money Advice Service


Four million people in the UK currently experience mental health and money problems. A further four million are at risk of developing mental illness because of their financial situations. At Mental Health UK, we recognise that this is wrong, and we’re launching a new service to help take some of the pressure of those in need.


The Mental Health and Money Advice website has been specifically designed to offer clear and impartial advice to people experiencing both mental health and financial issues. Together these problems create an ongoing cycle that affects all aspects of our lives.

The website will offer free information, support, and useful tools all in one place, creating an easy to use portal open to anyone affected by these matters, including carers, family members, and industry professionals.

Until now no UK-wide service has provided both mental health and money advice together. We recognise that people experiencing a combination of issues do not need their lives made more difficult by having to visit many different sources/websites to get the information they desperately need.

“We all have mental health, and day to day we all have to deal with money. If we start to struggle with either our mental health or our money, one can very quickly start to affect the other, and a vicious cycle can start. I’m delighted we have been able to set up Mental Health & Money Advice. It’s so important to ensure that there is a place people can go to feel understood and empowered around both their mental health and money issues. If we can help break the cycle then we will have made such a difference to that individual. We’re here to help people understand, manage and improve their mental health and financial health.” 

- Sarah Murphy, Manager at Mental Health & Money Advice Service.

The service has been designed to offer detailed advice across a broad range of topics, including:

  • Expert advice on the most common mental health and money related issues
  • Free tools and calculators to help you create a clear plan for your financial future
  • Sample letters and templates that can be used to contact creditors, healthcare professionals or organisations that you might need when dealing with money issues
  • Real life stories from people that have been in similar situations to you and have overcome their problems
  • A list of useful contacts across all of our subject areas, should you really need to speak to someone

We have also set up a small team of advisers who are able to offer one to one advice and case work over the telephone. Access to the advice line is by referral from a small group of referral partners. We hope to increase the number of routes to be referred throughout 2018. If you’re already receiving support and services from Rethink Mental Illness, Hafal, Mindwise or Support in Mind Scotland, and you are struggling with mental health and money issues, contact your support worker to ask if you can be referred to Mental Health & Money Advice

This service was made possible thanks to the fundraising efforts of staff at Lloyds Banking Group. They voted to choose Mental Health UK as their Charity Partner for 2017/2018, and have successfully raised over £2 million to support those in desperate need of specialist support.