Mental Health UK

It is such a comfort to not feel so alone – it has been our lifeline

Our four founding charities, Rethink Mental Illness, Hafal, Support In Mind Scotland and Mindwise all run support groups which play an incredibly important role in preventing isolation. We bring people who are affected by mental illness together, as well as parents and carers of people who are affected, so that they can access support and information from other people who share their experiences.

Denise and her husband Robert attend one of our support groups in the south of England, run by Rethink Mental Illness. Denise says:

“My son became ill with psychosis at uni. He was sectioned twice, and with a lot of support he is now doing well, living and working independently although psychosis has taken its toll. The last eight years have been so difficult for us all, as well as our two other children. My husband and I have been going regularly to the group since our son became ill. It acts as a haven where one can express the fear, sadness and anguish of mental illness within a safe group of people who really understand the reality of mental illness and how isolating it is for all affected. It is such a comfort to not feel so alone – it has been our lifeline. We have learned so much from meeting other people who have been affected and listening to their experiences – an invaluable insight and a source of hope.”

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